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Flavours - Robust body, earthy notes and bitter chocolate flavours, hints of caramel and walnut.


Process - Monsoon


Roast Level - Dark


Verietal - Kent


Altitude - 950m


Notes - A great coffee for Espresso and Aeropress. A Dark Roasted coffee




India has a long history with coffee dating back to the late 1800’s. Today, most coffee is produced in the hills of South India. The state of Karnataka produces almost three quarters of all Indian Coffee. Over 250,000 producers grow over 5million bags of coffee. The vast majority of coffee farmers in India are small holders, with a number of very large plantations producing much of the volume. Roughly two thirds of the coffee produced in India are robust varietals. A large exporting nation, roughly 80% of Indian production is exported, given the local propensity for Tea. Traditionally Indian coffee has been known as one of lower quality, driven by the typical lower varietals and lower altitudes that coffee is produced. However in recent years huge strides have been made to improve the quality of production. Washed Robusta’s from Kaapi Royale have become the first R graded estates in the world, and areas such as Araku Valley have focussed on producing uniquely specialty quality.



India - Monsoon Malabar

SKU: 00006
PriceFrom £5.50


    Roasted to order in Teesside.

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