Flavours - Champagne, green apple and mojito


Process - Washed Process


Veriety - Heirloom


Roast Level - Medium


Altitude - 1680m - 1875m


Notes - We love this as Espresso it also makes fantastic Cold Brew. Roasted to the lighter side of  medium.


About Ethiopia - Masha Farm (Haile Coffee)


Haile Gebrselassie was born in 1973 into a farming family in the Arsi region of Ethiopia. His family were subsistence farmers; Haile was one of ten children. As a young boy Haile used to fetch water from the local river a few miles away. His mother died when he was just seven years old. Fast forward forty years to where Haile is today in the thick of a fast-paced life far removed from his childhood days. Having retired from a 25-year career as one of the world’s most successful ever distance runners, Haile is now working on a range of businesses which provide employment to several thousand workers across Ethiopia. Haile has always nurtured an ambition to grow coffee, a drink at the heart of Ethiopian culture which enjoys almost sacred status. "I am so proud of what we have done for the community in Masha, building a school and constructing an all-weather road to improve access for the local people.” In becoming one of Ethiopia’s biggest producers of specialty coffee, Haile is going back to his roots, helping local communities to develop and doing what he can to move his country forward.


Coffee was first grown on the farm in Masha in 2014 after 1500 ha was secured in 2012. The planting was phased over 4 years with each yield producing increasingly good yields. Manual practices were used for land preparation (slashing, thinning out shade areas, removing trash), harvesting and processing. The farm is
managed by an Estate Manager with separate divisions for coffee, spices and honey.


Coffee cherries are taken to the wet mill and on the same day they are passed through a demuscilager and soaked overnight. The coffee beans are laid out to dry on a raised bed. Sometimes, depending on the weather, they are dried mechanically. The washed and natural coffee beans are stored separately.


The 1,500 hectare coffee estate in Masha is highly conducive for growing coffee with its high-quality Nitisols soil types, rich vegetation and gentle topography. Situated within the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Sheka at an altitude of 1,680 - 1,875m, the estate has an exquisite air quality and one of highest rainfalls
(1,800 - 2,200mm) in Ethiopia. The estate is bordered by rivers on three sides and its dense forest areas ensure that the area is one of the richest in terms of biodiversity.

Ethiopia - Masha Farm

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