Flavours - Flavours of Dark Chocolate, Citrus, Popcorn and Caramel.


Process - Washed


Roast Level - Dark


Varietal  - Robusta


Altitude - 1200 – 1350m


Notes - A dark roast blend of sperciality grade Ugandan Robusta coffee. Full-body and flavored aroma. With double the caffeine of your average cup. Best suited for milky drinks like Latte and Cappucino.


About  Blast Furnace Blend


Our Blast Furnace Blend features a Robusta coffee from the Kaweri Coffee Plantation in Uganda.

The Kaweri Coffee Plantation is the only large-scale coffee farm in Uganda, located about 200 km west of the capital, Kampala. The landscape consists of picturesque rolling hills, flanked by two large papyrus swamps, which are typical for this region. There are also several tributaries emerging on the farm that are surrounded by a unique, untouched highland rainforest. The area is home to many genuine wild Robusta trees that are well over 100 years old. Kaweri is, thus, the home of Robusta coffee and today the plantation cultivates direct descendants of these wild trees. Cultivating Robusta as a native crop, in harmony with the highland rainforest, is a distinguishing feature and is one of the reasons for the exceptional quality of this coffee.


Blast Furnace Blend