Flavours - Rich body, balanced acidity, unique flavour body characteristics, such as a tobacco smokiness Cinder Toffee, Roasted Peanuts & Caramelised Sugar.


Process - Washed


Altitude - 1500m


Roast Level - Medium


Veriety - Typica. 


Notes - A great coffee for Espresso.


About Carribbean - Turquino Lavado


The origins of this coffee can be traced to a single plant introduced by Jose Antonio Gelabert in 1748; however the industry did not flourish until 50 years later when French Colonists who had fled the Haitian Revolution settled here. These coffee plants found an ideal home in the most fertile soil and perfect climate in the world. The standards set by the early planters have been carried on through two centuries by the dedication of the people.

This coffee is produced in the traditional manner in the shade of the forest of the Sierra Maestra Mountains and is produced in small batches. The coffee is hand-picked and produced in the main by small holders.




Carribbean - Turquino Lavado

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