Flavors - Black cherry, marzipan and chocolate.


Process - Natural


Roast Level - Medium


Varietal -Yellow Paraiso


Altitude - 1261 - 1268m


Notes - This coffee is suitable for all brew methods. But best for espresso



Ademir Donizete Moscardini is farmer based in Ibiraci, MG, in the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil. Ademir and his family have a coffee tradition that dates back to his grandfather who purchased the first family farm in Mogiana. Together with his son Caio, Ademir sold the original family farm to purchase a new plot of land they named Portal da Serra to focus on producing specialty coffees.
The farm has some of the best conditions for arabica coffee cultivation in the region. With altitudes up to 1,250masl and optimal climate, the terroir is near-perfect to maximise coffee quality and complexity in the cup.
Ripe cherries are carefully selected and dried on a patio in the sun for an average of 30 - 35 days. They are turned periodically to ensure an even drying process and prevent mould or over-fermentation. Once the optimum moisture content has been reached the coffee is rested in a cool, dry environment for 40 days before being milled and graded for export.
The Mogiana region, which runs along the São Paulo and Minas Gerais border, is home to some of the most consistently sweet and well-structured naturals produced in Brazil. The region boasts 3500 farmers cultivating a combined area of 202,000ha.

Brazil - Portal De Serra

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