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Flavors - A smooth dark roast. Bitter dark chocolate, and Stout with sweet woody undertones.


Process - Aged


Roast Level - Dark


Varietal - Typica


Altitude - 1200m


Notes - This coffee is suitable for all brew methods but best for espresso. A dark roasted coffee.




Old Brown Java, is also known as Old Brown coffee, or Old Government Java. The coffee is grown on the old colonial estates on the east end of Java Island in Indonesia. Old Brown Java was traditionally used as ballast on sailing ships travelling to Europe in the 16th and 17th Centuries, where the sea water gave the coffee a distinct flavour.


Its mild acidity, heavy-bodied taste and sweetness is still attained through a weathering process which can take at least 2 years. The green coffee beans which are milled but not yet roasted are then exposed to the region's moist, warm air throughout the rainy season. The 'monsooning' process results in a strengthening of the coffee's taste, a weakening of the acidity. There is also a distinct colour change from the original green tint of the coffee beans to a light brown colour.

Indonesia - Old Brown Java

PriceFrom £5.80


    Roasted to order in Teesside.

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