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Flavours - Deliciously sweet and fruity, maplelike syrup mouthfeel with pineapple and strawberry flavours.

Process - Washed

Roast Level -  Medium (City Roast)

Varietal - Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

Producer - Coope Dota

Altitude - 1400m - 1700m

Notes  - A great coffee for Aeropress and Cafatiere. Roasted to the Lighter  side of Medium.

About Guatemala

Guatemala is the most populated country in central America, south of Mexico, and to the north of Honduras. 36 years of civil war have taken its toll on the nation, and whilst democracy (and peace) now predominantly prevails, the country still ranks 2nd from bottom on the Latin American human development index. Filled with Volcanoes, and tropical rainforests, Guatemala is a picturesque country. It’s towering Mayan ruins above the tree tops have also been captured on film as the final shot of Star Wars Episode return of the Jedi!

Pena Roja