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The Teesside Coffee Company are a Micro-Roastery based in Redcar in Teesside.

We also run our own little cafe called Relish

We roast 100% ARABICA BEANS, that are responsibly sourced.

Our coffee is Small-Batch Roasted in our 1kg Drum Roaster called Jack (think magic beans!)    

Small-batch Roasting ensures the end product is of the finest quality and as we roast small amounts at a time it means the coffee available to purchase is very very fresh!

We sell Whole Beans, ground for ESPRESSO or FILTER. We also offer Green Beans if you prefer to roast your own.


About Us…

Where is my Coffee?

All our Coffee orders are freshly roasted, Packaged and Dispatched within 48 hours. Most orders are sent 2nd Class via Royal Mail.  You will usually receive your coffee within 4 to 7 working days of your order.

How long does coffee stay fresh for?

All our coffee is packed in speciality packaging with a 1 way valve which help maintain the freshness.

We would recommend our Whole Bean Coffee is consumed  within one months to six weeks. As long as it is resealed in the bag or stored in an air tight container.

With ground coffee, you begin to lose quality straight away, so we recommend buying in smaller amounts.  

You can find your coffee’s roast date on the bottom of each bag.

Is your coffee Fairtrade and/or Organic etc?

All of our Coffee is ethically sourced and some of the coffee we sell is bought as Fairtrade/Organic/RFA etc. However as we are not registered with these bodies we are unable to sell any coffees as certified.

Is your coffee Arabica?

All the Coffee we buy is 100% Arabica

How do you roast your coffee?

We roast all your orders on “Jack” our 1kg Drum Roaster. Roasting in small batches allows us to ensure the end product is of the finest quality.

Contact Us…

Address:  131a High Street



                TS10 3DQ

Tel: 01642 498660 (ask for Sarah or Matthew)

Email: theteessidecoffeecompany@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/teessidecoffeeco