Costa Rica  

Dota Tarrazu Hermosa Honey

Flavours - Rich body, Sweet with Apricots, peaches, and honey.Bold bodied, chocolate filled cocoa powder, with sweetness provided by honey flavour and lemon acidity

Process - Honey Process

Roast Recommendation  - Medium (City) to Dark (Vienna)

Varietal - Catimore, Caturra

Producer - Coope Dota

Altitude - 1400m

Notes - A great coffee for Espresso and Cafatiere. Roasted to the Lighter side of Medium.

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Natural Grade A      






Karenge Washing Station

Flavours - Apples, Figs and Spice. the sweetness is like dried fruits drizzled with honey.

Process - Wet Process

Roast Recommendation  - Medium (Full City)

Veriety - Heirloom

Altitude - 1400m

Notes - A great coffee for Espresso. Roasted to the darker side of Medium.

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¾, 14up, FC



Monsoon Malabar

Flavours - Robust body, earthy notes and bitter chocolate flavours, hints of caramel and walnut.

Process - Monsoon

Roast Recommendation - Dark (Vienna)

Verietal - Kent

Altitude - 950m

Notes - A great coffee for Espresso and Aeropress . Roasted to the Lighter side of Medium.A Dark Roasted coffee

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 Monsoon Malabar AA


3/4, 14up, FC

Flavours - Peanut butter balls coated in chocolate with subtle acidity and light body

Roast Recommendation  - Medium (Full City)

Process - Natural Process

Verietal - Bourbon, Catuai

Altitude - 1000m

Notes - A good coffee for Pour over and Cafatiere. Roasted to the Darker side of Medium

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El Salvador      

 Piedra Grande - Menendez

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Guatemala   Pena Roja

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Terruño Nayarita, SHG,

Washed Patio Lot #62

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